Saziso Phiri on The Anti Gallery & Working Outside the White Cube (a-n, 2017)

Larry Achiampong on Finding Fanon, Technology & Collaboration (a-n, 2017)

A Weekend of Weird at Loughborough University (TDN, 2017)

Kashif Nadim Chaudry on The Three Graces at Turner Contemporary , Margate (Leftlion, 2016)

The Bush of Ghosts: Faking an Authentic Voice (Writing East Midlands, 2016)

Wolfgang Buttress on The Hive, BE: ONE and BEAM (a-n, 2016)

John Newling on Last Islands at Syson Gallery (Full Transcript, 2016)

Hurvin Anderson on Dub Versions at New Art Exchange (a-n, 2016)

The Invisible Hand, Pupaphobia and The Puppet State (NVA, 2013)

“Decidedly Alien”: The Paintings of Mimei Thompson (TDN, 2014)

Angels of Anarchy – Women Artists & Surrealism (NVA, 2009)

Writings On The Warhol: Mary Woronov (Big Issue in the North, 2000)

Shana Moulton: Cynthia, Suspiria & Psychedelics (Full Transcript, 2015)

Magic Show at QUAD Gallery, Derby (NVA, 2009)

An Interview With Yelena Popova (Full Transcript, November 2013)

Jack Bilbo: A Modernist Fighter For Humanity (2014)

Kashif Nadim Chaudry: Swags & Tails at Asia Triennial (Film Transcript, 2015)

A Sampling of Spoken Word on Records: 1952 – 1993 (Staple, 2010)

An A to Z of Artists Writing and Writers in Art (NVA, 2009)

The Persistence of Coloured Mud, or The Multiple and Much Exaggerated Deaths of Painting (NVA, 2012)

Towards A Post-War Aesthetic: Design Research Unit & This Is Tomorrow (NVA, 2011)

Exotica Suite: Interview by Colette Griffin (Nottingham Castle, 2015)

Quick Child, Run!: Rachel Maclean at Trade (Leftlion, 2014)

Painter, Painter: Fiona Rae & Dan Perfect interview (Leftlion, 2014)

Photocanopy: Three Photographers in the National Forest (2014)

Anna K.E.’s Leaving The Rock Stage at Primary (Leftlion, 2016)

Charris: Los Mares del Tiki (Spanish language essay citing Exotica Suite, 2015)

Black Glass: New & Selected Poems, reviewed (London Grip, 2015)

Yelena Popova: Martian Garden to Portrait Gallery (Leftlion, 2013)

Ian Breakwell: Elusive State of Happiness at QUAD (NVA,2010)

Enfants Terrible: How The First Wave of British Pop Got To Stick Around (NVA, 2012)

A Return To Victoriana: Maggy Milner & Tracey Emin (NVA, 2011)

Ghost Money, Gothic Trappings & Crusades: Huang Yong Ping & Wael Shawky (NVA, 2011)

Diane Arbus and Gert & Uwe Tobias at Nottingham Contemporary (NVA, 2010)

Uneven Geographies at Nottingham Contemporary (NVA, 2010)

Never Endings: Cornelia Parker (Metro, September 2007)

Cynthia, Suspiria and Psychedelics: Shana Moulton at Primary (TDN, 2015)

The Big Interview: Edwin Burdis on UIB at Primary (TDN, 2014)

Marxist Bikinis: Candice Jacobs’ Pleasure Voyage (Leftlion, 2013)

Outside Modernism: Robert Graves’ Centenary (Sheffield Thursday No.7, 1996)

Nothing Not Giving Messages: Edwin Morgan’s Collected Poems (Sheffield Thursday No.8, 1999)

The Deregulated Muse & Post-War Anthologies Review (Sheffield Thursday No.10, 1999)

It Ain’t Easy: Conformity, Culture & Complexity (Thumbscrew 11, Autumn 1998)

Some Confusions… : Tim Etchells on Forced Entertainment’s ‘Pleasure’ (Polar, 1997)

Tim Etchells on Endland Stories (Big Issue in the North, 1999)

Bloomberg New Contempories: Professionalism & In-Jokes (AN, 2015)

Pablo Bronstein: “The Facades By Which Power & Wealth Defines Itself” (AN, 2015)

“I like to run close to chance and indecision”: Christina Mackie on The Judges III (AN, 2013)

Zeitgeist & After: Christopher Le Brun (Metro, 2008)

An Interview with Adel Abdessemed: Happiness in Mitte (Metro, 2005)

On Earning, Eating & Excreting Money: Cesare Pietroiusti (Metro, 2007)

Gawu: El Anatsui (Metro, 2005)

Keren Goldberg on Robert Holcombe’s Folklore, Ritual & The Modern Interior (Art Review, 2014)

Willi Dorner’s Anywhere, Somewhere, Everywhere (April 2008)

Beyond the Suspension of Disbelief: Katherine Fishman & Alice Gale Feeny at Surface (2012)

Introducing: Primary, Nottingham (TDN, 2014)

Picasso At Play: The Richard and Sheila Attenborough Collection of Picasso Ceramics at New Walk Museum & Art Gallery (NADFAS Review, pp.28 – 31, Spring Issue, 2012)

Hatch: Back (2011 – 2014)

Hatch: Extending The Platform (2013)

A Non-Linear Alphabetical Glossary for Zoo Indigo’s Blueprint (2012)

Stitch This! Tracey Emin (Big Issue in the North, 1997)

Birth, School, Work, Church: Dave Allen (Big Issue in the North, 1998)

The Road To Mazetlan: Isaac Julien (Big Issue in the North, 2000)

My Dream Time North: Alan Plater (Big Issue in the North, 1998)

Three Chords and a Twisted Heart: Kate Rusby (Big Issue in the North, 2000)

On Cover Versions and Not Being Dido: Kathryn Williams (Big Issue In The North, 2004)

Mercury Rev on the Crooked Path: Jonathan Donahue (Big Issue in the North, 2002)

Art, Elephants & Black Stars: Chris Ofili (Big Issue In The North, 1998)

A Period of Calm: Linton Kwesi Johnson (Big Issue in the North, 2001)

The Lammas Hireling: Ian Duhig (Big Issue in the North, 2003)

John Newling on Last Islands at Syson Gallery (LeftLion Edit, 2016)

Minimalism & Expression: Steve Reich (Big Issue in the North, 1998)

David Mitchell on Cloud Atlas (Big Issue in the North, 2004)

Emma Smith: The Whistling Orchestra at Primary (Leftlion, 2016)

Sonya Dyer: ‘…And Beyond Institute For Future Research’ (Leftlion, 2015)

House of the Flying Wheel: Samuel Morley at Backlit (Leftlion, 2014)

Wolfgang Buttress: Sculpture, Science and Nottingham Forest (Leftlion, 2014)

Oil and Woodland: Ordinary Culture at Duke’s Wood (Leftlion, 2013)

Chie Hosaka: The Silly Liars & The Festive Fools at Malt Cross (Leftlion, 2014)

Terminal Equilibrium: Pil & Galia Kollectiv at Trade (Leftlion, 2013)

Where’s Daddy’s Pig? Mark McGowan at Trade (Leftlion, 2013)

Mat Collishaw: Zoetropes, Myth-Making and Wollaton Hall (Leftlion, 2013)

Syson Gallery: Jennie Syson (Leftlion, 2013)

Frank Abbott: Saturday Night & Sunday Morning Remixed (Leftlion, 2012)

Accidents Need Not Happen & Someone Had Blunder’d (Lincoln MFA Show, 2014)

Carry On Regardless: The Soundcarriers (Leftlion Dec 2010)

Contemporary Art Society National Network Conference Report (AN, 2013)

The Tree Stooges: Jarvis Cocker, Steve Mackey & Candida Doyle (June 2002)

Decoding Monkey: Entering The Hall of Mirrors (Nottingham Contemporary, 2011)

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