Select Bibliography:

Eastern Bloc Songs: Party, Pop & Politics (Centrala) 2018

Eastern Bloc Songs: A Sampler (Nottingham Contemporary) 2016

Exotica Suite & Other Fictions (Shoestring Press) 2015

Black Glass: New & Selected Poems (Shoestring Press) 2015

The Holcombe Tarot (Limited Edition, 2014)

Marine: A Story in Eight Objects (Nottingham Castle & Fermynwoods) 2013

Wood & Ink (Shoestring, 2013)

Spirit Wrappings (Nottingham Contemporary) 2012

The Apple Sequence (Orchard Editions) 2011

Emblems (Shoestring Press) 2009

Marginalia (Peterloo Poets) 2001

Exhibitions, Commissions & Events:

Eastern Bloc Songs: Party, Pop & Politics (Centrala, 2018)

The Buried Moon (with Strange Names Collective, Lakes Ignite, University of Cumbria, 2018)

Extext: Opera Film (with Catherine Carter/Serafina Steer, Film Free & Easy, 2018)

Love Witch Cinematic Happening: Halloween Party (Nottingham Contemporary,  2017)

Forest Bathing/The Clearing (with Strange Names Collective, University of Bedford, 2017)

Telekinesis: Ghost Pornography & Fabricated Phenomena (Watch-It Gallery, 2017)

Eastern Bloc Disco & Eastern Bloc Disco (Hungarian Special) (Centrala, 2017)

The Naming of Clouds (w/Philip Stanier & Penny Newell, Somerset House, 2016)

Eastern Bloc Disco with UrBororo (Nottingham Contemporary, 2016)

Behold! The Markets Shall Erase Our History! (Nottingham Contemporary, 2016)

Avant Garde or Last Minute (Sunscreen/EM15 at Venice Biennale, 2015)

The Angel of History, Sitges & The Ruins (w/ Josepa Munoz, ESP at Primary/Wysing, 2015)

Exotica Suite (w/ Paul Isherwood, New Art Exchange, 2015)

Fantasmagorie (The Drawing Board, 2015)

Filmoteka (Nottingham Contemporary, 2014)

Beyond (QUAD, 2014)

Folklore, Ritual & The Modern Interior (Xero, Kline & Coma, 2014)

Make Believe: Re-imagining History & Landscape (Nottingham Castle/Fermynwoods, 2013)

Event Horizon (QUAD, 2013 – 14)

Desire Machines & New Worlds (Syson Gallery, 2014)

The Family Bible & Other Fables (Syson Gallery, 2013 – 14)

Convulsive Beauty: A Fabricated Lecture (Nottingham Contemporary, 2013)

Performing The Curtain Rituals/The London Girls (Primary, 2012)

Decoding Monkey (Nottingham Contemporary, 2012)

The Apple Sequence (w/ Neville Gabie/Contemporary Art Society, 2011)

Disturbances (Annexinema, 2010)

The Enigma Of Robert Holcombe (w/ Hatch, Embrace Arts & Nottingham Castle, 2010)

Communist Rock’n’Roll (Nottingham Contemporary, 2010)

Wunderkammer (Sideshow Nottingham, 2010)


The Serendipity Project (Archive and Found Materials Project)

Write Here At Nottingham Contemporary (Documentation of a Spring 2011 Writing Residency)

A further Miscellaneous gathering of links to online material is here.


Extext Opera Film (2018)

The Love Witch Cinematic Happening: Playlist (2017)

Exotica Suite: Playlist (2015)

Fantasmagorie (2015)

The Angel of History, Sitges & The Ruins [Work in Progress] (2015)

Kashif Nadim Chaudry: Swags & Tails (2015)

Exotica Fragment (100 Second Commercial) (2014)

Somewhere To Land (The Soundcarriers) (2014)

Breath Variations [with Hillary Nichols] (2013)

Marine: A Story in Eight Objects (Remixed) (2013)

Five Apple Songs (2013)

Biological Camouflage (Entropicalia) (2013)

The Social Media Takeaway Language Commercial (2013)

Film Strip (2012)

The Serendipity Loops (2012)

Disturbances (2010)

Selected Cross Arts & Collaborative Work:

Eastern Bloc Songs: Ongoing research and development (currently funded by Arts Council England) for an exhibition, publication and events programme at Centrala, Birmingham, during Summer 2018. We are looking for further UK and international partnerships to expand the associated programme and build a tour for the completed exhibition following its debut in September 2018. An Eastern Bloc Disco was staged as part of Digbeth First Friday in February 2017, another in August 2017, and research towards the exhibition and publication is ongoing through 2017 and 2018.

Brittle Star: Regular column on matters relating to poetry and writing in Brittle Star magazine (appearing three times each year, edited by Jacqueline Gabbitas & Martin Parker). First column, Full Spectrum Poetry, appeared in issue 38 (June 2016), followed by The Lyric Mode in issue 39 (November 2016). The most recent columns, A Metaphor Backed By Law, A Thousand Empty Bowls (A Provocation) and Rainwater Puddles on a Crazy Golf Course, appeared in issues 40, 41 and 42. Copies of all issues still in print can be bought here.

The Naming of Clouds: Artwork commissioned by Philip Stanier and Penny Newell for use as a performance score and print for distribution to audiences at performances of Cloud Workers and The Naming of Clouds during Summer 2016. Part of the Paths to Utopia season at Somerset House. Film of Newell and Stanier in conversation about the project is here.

Behold! The Markets Shall Erase Our History!: Exhibition in the Small Collections Room at Nottingham Contemporary exploring erased, fabricated and actual Cold War histories. Eastern Bloc Songs: A Sampler, featuring English language versions of lyrics from 11 songs released in Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia between 1964 – 1981 is published to accompany the display, and a live event, Eastern Bloc Disco with UrBororo, takes place on 16 Jan 2016, 8pm – 11pm, free. The exhibition runs from 16 Jan until 17 Apr 2016.

Avant Garde Or Last Minute: Animated text made in the form of a screen-saver for the Sunscreen project, curated by Candice Jacobs in association with EM15 at Venice Biennale. The project went live in April 2015 and is available to download and install by following the instructions on the Sunscreen website.

And stand a ruin amidst ruins: Selected recent paintings by Tristram Aver, 2012-2015: Critical essay, Domestic Camouflage: Painting in the Pathless Woods, commissioned for a publication exploring the paintings of Tristram Aver, tracing their evolution from digitally-inspired abstraction to a more recent body of work rooted in eighteenth and nineteenth century genre painting and decorative arts.

Expanded Studio Project: Collaboration with Wysing based artist Josepa Munoz, creating new work for presentations in Nottingham and Cambridge during late February and March 2015.

The Drawing Board: Commission to respond to Michael Pinchbeck’s ongoing ‘live writing’ project, working in residence between December 1 2014 and January 31 2015. The resulting stop-frame animated film, Fantasmagorie, was screened and discussed alongside the 1908 animation by Emile Cohl that inspired it at Primary on February 18, 2015.

The Holcombe Tarot (1971 – 1975): A series of 78 collages echoing Tarot card designs, exploring the fine line  between randomness and meaning in the kinds of esoteric symbolism associated with the occult generally and Tarot in particular. A complete 78-card set was made as a limited edition of 100 copies in Nov 2014 and a proof copy of this was exhibited at Quad as part of the Beyond supernatural-themed exhibition running in parallel with Susan MacWilliam’s An Answer Is Expected (Sep 20 – Nov 23 2014).

Dawn of the Unread: Research and writing of general contextual and embedded content as part of the team behind a digital comic book project, focused on historical and contemporary writers and literary characters with Nottinghamshire associations. Ongoing through 2014 and 2015.

Photocanopy: Contextual essay and voice-overs scripted and delivered on three films by Nick Williams, following photographic projects by Brian Griffin, Julian Hughes and Jill Cole. Commissioned by Burton College and The National Forest (April/May 2014).

Writing Objects: Three workshops at Primary in May/June 2014 exploring relationships between text, voice, object and image in works by Alfred Jarry, Leonora Carrington, Amos Tutuola, Vera Chytilova, Jayne Cortez and Jan Svankmajer, among others. Each session invited a different response to Jonathan Baldock‘s commissioned installation. Notes on these sessions are here, here and here.

Folklore, Ritual & The Modern Interior (1955 – 1975)Thematic fictional Holcombe retrospective exhibition at Xero, Kline & Coma, 258 Hackney Road, London (13 Feb – 9 Mar 2014). Review by Keren Goldberg is archived here.

The Family Bible & Other Fables: Works from the Robert Holcombe Collection (1948 – 78): Fictional retrospective exhibition gathering around 70 works on paper by Robert Holcombe (b. Leeds 1923 – d. Exeter 2003) spread across two Nottingham venues, Syson Gallery and Antenna (Dec 12 2013 – Jan 31 2014). A talk and discussion event, Desire Machines & New Worlds: Robert Holcombe as Fiction, took place on Jan 29 2014.

Convulsive Beauty – A Fabricated Lecture With Illustrations: Fictional paper on the relationship between works by Robert Holcombe and the Polish sculptor Alina Szapocznikow delivered as part of Nottingham Contemporary’s ASCO symposium, Shimmering, Shining, Vomiting, Glitter – The Poetics & Politics of Disgust (14 Nov 2013). Video footage can be viewed here.

Breath Variations: Collaboration with composer Hilary Nicholls to produce a 5m choral work for performance by Schola Cantorum of Oxford as part of the Britten in Oxford Festival (9 November 2013) and broadcast on Radio 3’s The Choir (8 December 2013).

Disturbances II: A set of non-linear narrative sound works obliquely expanding on a previous short film, pieced together from five extracts from the fictional diary of Robert Holcombe. Commissioned as part of QUAD’s time-travel themed Event Horizon exhibition (September 2013 – January 2014) to run simultaneously with Monocular4 by Lindsay Seers.

A Walk Through The Underworld: collaboration with Jo Dacombe & Laura Jade Klee of Sidelong on a series of curated walks during September 2013, deliberately blurring fact and fiction and taking in man-made sandstone caves accessible from the city. A Box Of Things, featuring The Peel Street Codex and The Disappearanceswas published as a limited edition of 50 handmade copies in Jan 2014.

Hospice Residency: co-managed by Nottinghamshire Hospice and Writing East Midlands, running from September 2013 to January 2014.

A Coney Island of the Eye: Interview/introduction to Coney…The Summer of Love, the artist Michael Forbes’ photo-book of images taken in New York’s heavily mythologised urban beach resort over a three year period (2013).

Make Believe: Re-Imagining History and Landscape: Moving image intervention and print publication presented at Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery from 20 July until 29 September 2013. Co-curated by Deborah Dean at Nottingham Castle and Yasmin Canvin at Fermynwoods Contemporary Art, with Susan Collis, Mark Dixon, Alan Kane, Debbie Lawson, Jason Singh, Shane Waltener.

Spirit Wrappings: Notes On The Rashleigh Jackson Family Collection: Fiction chapbook commissioned by Nottingham Contemporary to coincide with Simon Withers’ exhibition in the Small Collections Room alongside works by Dr Lakra from November 2012 – January 2013, curated by Abi Spinks.

Hatch: Back: Ongoing commission to work with photographer Julian Hughes on documenting the activities of Nottingham-based live art and performance platform Hatch, beginning in 2011 and continuing to the present. The text documentation is archived, reverse chronologically, here.

Double Fictions: Stories in the place of Art Criticism: Series of four workshops at Nottingham Contemporary culminating in a public event and publication. Devised and presented in collaboration with Sarah Jackson during the Francis Upritchard and Alfred Kubin exhibitions, Summer 2012.

Orchard: Commission to write texts around the subject of orchards and apples in response to visual artist Neville Gabie‘s Orchard, a project involving the planting of eight heritage variety apple trees in a new marketplace and the creation of a dispersed urban fruit forest by way of an adoption scheme for 100 further varieties. The Apple Sequence launched in December 2011.

Reading Genet/Writing As Curating: A series of six linked workshops running during Marc Camille Chaimowicz’s Jean Genet exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary during the summer of 2011. Three discussions were hosted – looking at the key Genet texts Alberto Giacometti’s Studio, Four Hours At Chatila and The Blacks – each followed by a writing workshop, led in collaboration with Alice Gale Feeny, focusing on the relationships between these texts and selected works in the exhibition.

Write Here at Nottingham Contemporary: Residency and mix of open and community workshops at a new contemporary arts venue in Nottingham, undertaken during the Jack Goldstein, Anne Collier and John Newling exhibitions (January to March 2011). Supported by Writing East Midlands.

Disturbances: 9m film performance with live narration and score by Jon Brooks presented at Annexinema (Dec 2010) as part of Sideshow festival.

The Enigma Of Robert Holcombe: 30m fictional lecture performance at Hatch: It’s About Time in Leicester (Embrace Arts, Oct 2010) and Nottingham (Castle Museum & Art Gallery, Nov 2010). Part of Sideshow visual arts festival.

Writing Art: A series of four workshops focusing on critical and creative writing in relation to contemporary art, drawing on works featured in Nottingham Contemporary’s segment of British Art Show 7. Each section set writing exercises in a particular mode, ranging from poetry and fiction to critical writing, journalistic reviews and broader history and theory.

A Mandinka Song: Theme & Variations: Lyric version commissioned by Seckou Keita Quartet, 2008.

The Protein Songs: Commissioned by Retina Dance Company for use in Eleven Stories For The Body, Distance To Our Soul; the show toured during 2005/6 in UK and Europe, edited texts appeared in Poetry Review (96:1, Spring 2006).

Talks and Other Presentations:

Filmoteka (Nottingham Contemporary): Talk written and delivered on five experimental films made in Poland between 1971 and 2009, screened as part of the public programme around Agnieszka Polska’s exhibition I Am The Mouth (Oct 2014 – Jan 2015). The film programme was curated by Emma Moore and included key works by Helena Wlodarczyk, Bogdan Dziworski & Zbigniew Rybczynski, Piotr Andrejew, Bruce Checefsky and Agnieszka Polska.

Decoding Monkey (Nottingham Contemporary): Illustrated talk on the history and international spread of Wu Ch’eng-En’s Buddhist novel ‘Journey To The West’ by way of sixteenth century China, modernist poetry, the 1960s Japanese music scene and the 1970s Western craze for martial arts inspired by Bruce Lee (Part of the public programme around exhibitions by Huang Yong Ping and Wael Shawky during May/June 2011.

Communist Rock’n’Roll (Nottingham Contemporary): Illustrated talk with Nottingham University academics Polly McMichael and Robert Adlington on the popular music of the former Eastern Bloc nations: my contribution focused on popular music in Czechoslovakia, Poland and Hungary between 1958 and 1975. (Presented as part of the public programme around the Star City exhibition in April 2010).


2009 – present: Freelance writer/editor/tutor: Working with Nottinghamshire Hospice, NADFAS, New Art Exchange, Hatch, East Midlands Visual Arts Network, Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery, QUAD, Fermynwoods Contemporary Art, Annexinema, Crystal Clear Creators, Staple, The Literary Consultancy, Primary, The Double Negative, Nottingham Visual Arts, Nottingham Contemporary, Writing East Midlands, Derbyshire County Council, LeftLion, Neville Gabie/Contemporary Art Society, Creative Times, Nottingham Writers’ Studio, Southwell Poetry Festival, a-n news, NTIC and more.

2006 – 2009: Founding member and board member at Nottingham Writers’ Studio.

2006 – 2010: Editor of eight issues of Staple, a magazine of new poetry, fiction, essays, interviews and artwork whose contents included an anthology covering the regional identity and literary achievements of the East Midlands, a trio of loosely connected issues exploring the relationships between writing, visual art, music and film, and an issue on the highs and lows of the publishing industry, guest-edited by Rebecca Swift of The Literary Consultancy. Staple ceased publication in 2010.

2004 – 2009: Freelance Arts Journalist, Metro (Associated News): Regular contributor of theatre, visual arts and dance features, interviews and reviews, for editions in East Midlands, West Midlands and North East regions, including interviews with Martin Creed, Richard Deacon, Willie Doherty, Joy Gregory, Annette Foster, Vibeke Glarbo, El Anatsui, The Singh Twins, Kay Adshead, Abdel Abdessemed, Heidi Tikka, David Hancock, Jeanie Finlay, Arthur Pita, Philippe Petit, Neeta Madahar, William Ivory, Richard Deacon, Arturo Herrera, Richard Alston, Gob Squad, Wendy Houstoun, Hetain Patel, Julian Marsh, Bernard MacLaverty, Ken Russell, Cornelia Parker, Julian Opie, Sir Richard Attenborough, Christopher Le Brun and many more.

1999 – 2001: Slush pile reading with Ali Gunn at Curtis Brown literary agency in Haymarket, London, on occasional freelance basis.

1998 – 2012: Freelance Editor with The Literary Consultancy (TLC): Literary and commercial manuscripts reader, primarily fiction, poetry, history and autobiography, for London-based consultancy TLC.

1996 – 2004: Freelance Arts Journalist, The Big Issue In The North, Manchester: Various interviews, features, reviews from 1997 – 2004: including features on JMW Turner, JRR Tolkien, Ted Hughes, Technology in Visual Arts, Joe Orton, Sensation, Lari Pittman, The Kirov etc, and interviews with Tracey Emin, Chris Ofili, Dave Allen, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Mary Woronov, Jarvis Cocker, Gregory Isaacs, Kathryn Williams, Jah Wobble, Ian Duhig, David Mitchell, Courtney Pine, Mercury Rev, Kate Rusby, Alan Plater, Darshan Singh Bhuller, Steve Bell, Emily Lloyd, Chuck Palahniuk, Carl Davis, Tony Harrison, Michael Grandage and Ian McDiarmid, Johnny Vegas, Ross Noble, Jamie Cullum, Tim Etchells, Isaac Julien, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Rankin, Linda Smith, Linda Grant, Annie Whitehead, Horace Andy, Kathryn Hunter, Eliza Carthy, Barry Hines, Steve Reich, and many others.

1995 – 1998: R.V. Lecturer in Creative Writing at Sheffield Hallam University: Tutor on undergraduate BA writing modules.

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