Ubu at Wysing - photo credit Rebecca Lee

Ubu in rehearsal at Wysing Polyphonic, 2016 [photo credit: Rebecca Lee]

Wayne Burrows lives and works in Nottingham. Publications include The Apple Sequence (2011), Black Glass: New & Selected Poems (2015), Exotica Suite & Other Fictions (2015) and Eastern Bloc Songs: A Sampler (2016). Recent exhibitions and commissions include Folklore, Ritual & The Modern Interior (Xero, Kline & Coma), Behold! The Markets Shall Erase Our History! (Nottingham Contemporary), Exotica Suite (New Art Exchange), Telekinesis: Ghost Pornography & Fabricated Phenomena (Watch-It Gallery) and The Buried Moon: Heart of A Cave (with Strange Names Collective for Lakes Ignite at University of Cumbria). He has made short films, including Disturbances (2010) and Subliminal (2015), and fabricates images under the fictional identity of post-war British collage artist Robert Holcombe. Eastern Bloc Songs: Party, Pop & Politics launches as a publication and exhibition at Centrala, Birmingham, in September 2018.

Some publications can be purchased here:

Eastern Bloc Songs: A Sampler (Nottingham Contemporary, 2016) [£5.00]

Exotica Suite & Other Fictions (Shoestring Press, 2015) [£12.00]

Paul Isherwood & Wayne Burrows: Exotica Suite CD + Book [£12.00]

Marginalia (Peterloo 2001) & The Apple Sequence (Orchard, 2011) [£5.00]

Spirit Wrappings (Nottingham Contemporary, 2012) [£5.00]

Wood & Ink (Shoestring Press, 2013) [£12.00]

Black Glass: New & Selected Poems (Shoestring Press, 2015) [£10.00]


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