Love Witch Cinematic Happening (Nottingham Contemporary Playlist, 27 Oct 2017)

29 Oct


On Friday I put together a loop of cut-up visual footage and played records for the Nottingham Contemporary Halloween party, this year built around a screening of Anna Biller’s The Love Witch and live music performances by Cacator & The Sirens (a first outing for the all-new, and excellent, ‘haunted radiophonic girl group’ project of Louise O’Connor, Aimee Neat & Rosanna Gould) and Toy. Decor was by Kashif Nadim Chaudry. The track-list that follows is as complete as I can remember. The only record that wasn’t actually played (but is included here anyway) is the final one: it was all cued up to be the night’s final flourish but the closing time overtook it. A few songs can be heard, accompanied by some of the visuals used on the night, in the playlist here.

Nina Simone: I Put A Spell On You
Rosemary Nichols: Once Upon A Time
Dick Hyman & Mary Mayo: Moon Gas
Frog: Witch Hunt
Don Ralke: Black Panther
Nina & Frederik: Elizabeth I & II
Lake Ruth: The Inconsolable Jean-Claude
Dana Gillespie: Foolish Seasons
Margo Guryan: Love
United States of America: Coming Down
Bob Stone: Hang Cool Teddybear
Vampire’s Sound Incorporation: The Lions & The Cucumber
Brigitte Bardot: Saint Tropez
Birds’n’Brass: Fritzy Baby
Tina Harvey: Nowhere To Run
Crystal Fountain (Wendy & Bonnie): The Night Behind Us
The Lollipop Shoppe: You Must Be A Witch
Fuzz Against Junk: Ballad of the Hip Death Goddess
Proud Mary: Follow Me
Eclection: Violet Dew
Chiyo Okumura: Love Thief
Happy Day Choir: California Dreaming
Margo: The Spark That Lights The Flame
Leslie-Ann Beldamme: The One I Love
Francoise Hardy: Le Temps Des Souvenirs
Joan Baez: The Magic Wood
Sounds Inc: Taboo
John Barry: Vendetta
Dick Hyman & Mary Mayo: Space Reflex
Poppy Family: No Blood In Bone
Buffy Sainte-Marie: He’s A Keeper Of The Fire
Francoise Legrand: Attends Moi
Susan Aviles: Eine Schone Welt
Carolyn Hester Coalition: The Journey
Julie Felix: Snakeskin
Sarofeen & Smoke: Witch
Melanie: People In The Front Row
Jun Mayuzumi: You And The Sun
Graham Bond: The Magician
The Felines: The Sneak
Pandoras: Haunted Beach Party
April March: Sugar
Poppy Family: Free From The City
Alan Tew Orchestra: Light Flight
Baker Street Philharmonic: Daydream
Shocking Blue: Love Buzz
Pete Moore Orchestra: Catwalk
Martin Denny: Incense & Peppermints
Ennio Morricone: Svolta Definitiva
Mandingo: Black Rite
Rafaella Carra: Rumore
Demis Roussos: Let It Happen
Donna Summer: I Feel Love
Jane Weaver: I Need A Connection
Belbury Poly: Scarlet Ceremony
The Soundcarriers: This Is Normal
Lal & Mike Waterson: Bright Phoebus


3 Responses to “Love Witch Cinematic Happening (Nottingham Contemporary Playlist, 27 Oct 2017)”

  1. Girls Of The Golden East October 31, 2017 at 5:35 am #

    With your Eastern Bloc Songs connections where’s Petra Černocká’s ‘Saxana’ in that not inconsiderable playlist???..given the theme of witches – the one from the 1971 film ‘Dívka na koštetí’ (sorry, my mobile phone’s keypad won’t run to an ‘E-háček’!) where Petra Černocká starred as Saxana the teenage witch…and performed the theme of that name. It was a seriously funky tune!

    • wayneburrows October 31, 2017 at 11:55 am #

      Saxana is wonderful – and there were plenty of Czech, Polish, Hungarian and other Eastern Bloc things I could have added to the Witchy/Halloween theme – but the brief was a sort of ‘West Coast Psychedelic Occult Party’ – based on the mood and setting of the Love Witch film – and as for the last year or more I’ve mostly been playing Eastern Bloc *only* sets, it was nice to give the other records I have an outing for a change!

      • Girls Of The Golden East October 31, 2017 at 4:08 pm #

        Glad to learn that you are a fan of ‘Saxana’ 🙂

        Thanks for the explanation of the theme. I can see what you mean by that.

        It’s a great pity, BTW, that I missed out on your latest Eastern Bloc Disco, since I note that you played a song by my favourite, Valérie Čižmárová – her first double-A Side…’Čekám’. I have even called my mobile phone ‘Valinka’ in her honour!

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