The Return of The Apple Sequence (October 2013)

27 Oct

The Apple Sequence (Orchard Editions, 2011)The Apple Sequence was published in December 2011, marking the culmination of my own contribution to a project called Orchard, led by Neville Gabie, which commissioned several artists to respond in different ways to the site of a former fruit and vegetable market in Sneinton, Nottingham, which had just undergone a large scale reconstruction in the hope of reviving the surrounding area’s fortunes. Nearly two years on, the market itself continues, and the trees planted in the square and adopted into the wider areas of St Ann’s and Sneinton are, so far as I can gather, thriving, even though the old market buildings themselves have remained frozen in a state of semi-dereliction, the result of a long stand-off between the developer in possession of the buildings’ leases, whose ambition is to demolish, and the council’s own ambition for improvements to the existing 1920s buildings, perhaps fancifully, or not, imagining themselves in possession of a small-scale Covent Garden five minutes’ walk from the city centre, and at the heart of an area recently designated as Nottingham’s ‘Creative Quarter’. What the final outcome of this decade long stand-off might eventually be is anyone’s guess, but perhaps it’s the sudden commercial interest in this part of Nottingham’s Eastside, and in issues of food production and distribution more generally, that explains a recent return of The Apple Sequence’s material to public view after a long hiatus, with five of the book’s poems reconfigured as Five Apple Songs, a 13m sequence of short films for By The Way, an exhibition at the Bohunk Institute themed around wastelands and edgelands, and a further extract, ‘The Apple Migrations’, finding its way into a new publication, The Apple Anthology, edited by George Ttoouli and Yvonne Reddick for Nine Arches Press. The exhibition will remain on show until October 31 and the anthology is available from Nine Arches.

Five Apple Songs can be viewed here.

Mark Goodwin reading at Bohunk Institute (24 October 2013)

Mark Goodwin reading at Bohunk Institute (24 October 2013)

Rosie Garner reading at Bohunk Institute (24 October 2013)

Rosie Garner reading at Bohunk Institute (24 October 2013)

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